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Our Work

We are passionate about capturing quality photos and videos of life. We believe life is worth celebrating--whether it's your wedding day, bringing home your new baby, or just because you want to document another year and how you've grown and changed--we want to capture those memories for you to hold on to. Photos and videos are keepsakes that will be cherished by you and your loved ones for generations and we truly believe they are worth your time and investment. We want to beautifully capture you as your are. We love candids, we love capturing moments, but we also understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera so we like to give a little direction to ensure we capture your most beautiful self because you deserve to be captured beautifully.

We are super passionate about weddings and portraiture but we also have some serious love for small businesses. Product photography, introduction videos, as well as creating social media and web content are all a part of our offerings.

Behind the Cameras


What you need to know: I've been doing photography for 10 years. I am self taught and began my photo journey via black and white film (which still holds a dear place in my heart). I approach sessions with a laid back, go with the flow, direct don't pose, let's be friends by the end of this kind of vibe. I'm all about capturing who and how beautiful you truly are.

Fun Facts: Coffee is necessary. Red wine is my favorite. When not working my life revolves around food and mommin'.  I have a love hate relationship with social media. Extroverted introvert and an Enneagram type 4 (if you're into that).


photographer & videographer
What you need to know: Chris has been shooting photo & video for 11 years. He first started learning about photo & video through a media school in Thailand. Lives and breathes photography and videography day in and day out. He likes true to life photos and finding all the best light.

Fun Facts: Sports fanatic. Will accept a beer if offered. When not working can be found hiking, playing street hockey, watching the Patriots or the Bruins, or at home working on some sort of project. Has excellent taste in wives. Introverted introvert and probably enneagram type 5 (if you're into that).

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